Can you believe this! Victoria in its wisdom lets a employer have a untrained worker on a construction site for up to 28 days. Of course the employee must be enrolled in an induction course and the fee's paid. But how would this stand up in a court of law if the worker was injured or worst killed!
We have had feed back that NSW and Victorian RTO's are not happy with the fact that our online construction induction white card is avaliable to residents in those states. I'm sorry guys but the feed back we are getting from our clients in your states is that your courses are always booked out, cost up to three times the amount of our white card and takes the student out of action for up to 6 hours. That is six hours lost productivity.
In 2009 the construction induction card became the required qualification for all construction sites throughout Australia replacing the Victorian & NSW.

As of the 1st of January 2011 the online National construction safety induction "" became accepted in all Australian States and Territories.

6.1 General construction induction training

If a worker has either not successfully completed general construction induction training, or has successfully completed general construction induction training more than 2 years previously but has not carried out construction work in the preceding 2 years, a person conducting a business or undertaking must:


 not direct or allow the worker to carry out construction work, and

 ensure that general construction induction training is provided to a worker engaged by the person who is carrying out construction work.

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