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The Importance Of Quality Asbestos Removal Training

Properties of asbestos

The popularity of using asbestos rose in the early 1840s, when researchers discovered the fire retardant and insulation properties of the material. Construction firms then applied the method of insulating pipes and protecting homes with the use of asbestos.

Respiratory diseases

However, as the quality wears off, asbestos then breaks down into fibrous specks. These fibres are then unknowingly inhaled by homeowners or employees, where it then reaches the lungs. They attach to the walls of the organs and can cause the deterioration of respiratory health. There have been documented deaths, which prompted the need for government to review its uses and eventually ban the material.

Removal by experts

Asbestos is a hazard not only to residents, but to the removal staff as well. Proper training is required before staff are sent to the site for inspection and the removal process. Even after securing the place of any trace of asbestos, disposal also undergoes strict compliance in adherence to high standards.

Certification for employment

With accreditation from Keys HR to work with asbestos, you will have the edge if you plan to apply as removal staff for reputable companies. You will be educated on the health risks, preparation process, removal  and decontamination methods for treating asbestos-contaminated sites. More information is available at
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