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Benefits Of A White Card

Requirement for work

Companies are cautious of applicants who come in claiming to have knowledge and skills needed for the trade position with nothing to prove their abilities. In order to address the concern regarding credibility and verification of documents, a White Card is required for submission before any person is accepted.

The Keys HR difference

A White Card is the registered certification that proves understanding of OH&S principles and required competence to fulfil construction duties. Keys HR provides quality construction and White Card training, and it stands out in the following aspects:
  • Web-based interface – The online course organised by Keys HR is programmed on a simple interface. It contains comprehensive instructions and multiple choice questions guaranteed to instil the necessary values for your training.
  • Flexibility – You can decide how you want to pace yourself while finishing the exam. There is an option to save the items you have finished and then come back to them at another time.  
  • Cost – With other White Card qualifications, you are forced to shoulder hidden charges. The current amount listed by Keys HR is one flat rate, inclusive of delivery to your home. 
  • Convenience – Once you are done with the online course and you have submitted your required documents, you can expect a 1 business day  turnaround time for processing of your White Card. You will receive an email with your statement of attainment and white card number attached so you can start straight away. Your card will be sent via registered post that day and you can track the package to see where it is.
Obtaining a White Card should be on top of your list with regards to priorities before applying for construction jobs. Getting certified with Keys HR is one click away, or you can the call them on 1300 738 434 to speak to someone in person.
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