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Construction white cards now available online

In order to work in the construction industry in Australia, it is essential to be the holder of a valid safety induction card. To obtain a construction white card, a worker needs to successfully complete a short accredited course in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in the construction industry. The course can now be done online, and the card sent out the next day.

While it is possible to undergo the training and assessment for a white card by traditional methods, it may be easier for many people to obtain their white cards online. For instance, people who live and work in remote areas can get a white card quickly online, without having to travel to a major town or city for training.The Queensland white card is now available online, and in some good news for construction workers, it is now recognised by all states and territories in Australia.

Why is a white card required?
Working in the construction industry can involve a lot of risky work. It’s important for construction workers to understand OHS legislation and risk management, to know how to follow safety procedures, and to practice fire safety and personal protection. A white card indicates that holders have studied these elements of workplace safety.

Risks in the construction industry
Risk management is important in every workplace, and particularly so in the construction industry. Depending on the particular site, workers in construction may be at risk of the following:
  • Falling from heights.
  • Being struck by falling objects or moving equipment.
  • Suffering from burns, electric shocks, or inhalation of fumes from welding or arcs.
  • Exposure to noise, extreme temperatures, vibration, or asbestos.
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents.
  • Suffering injuries from hazardous chemicals, unstable structures, shafts and lift wells, collapsed trenches, and unguarded holes.
According to Safe Work Australia, all workers have a responsibility to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and to not endanger others.
Risk management involves identifying hazards in the workplace, assessing risk and taking steps to eliminate or minimise possible harm.

Obtaining a white card online
Undertaking the OHS course online is very convenient and quick, taking less than a day. The white card can be sent out the next day in some cases, which is good news for workers who need a card to start work.
Having access to the accredited course online means being able to do the course when it suits, and not having to miss out on jobs because you can’t get a card fast enough.
The course involves reading OHS legislative material and risk management material, and answering a series of multiple-choice questions. Assistance is available throughout the training, which can be done anytime and anywhere there’s access to the internet.
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