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The Basics and Latest on White Card Courses

The construction scene in Queensland highly demands of labourers and craftspeople. If you have the guts and grit, then you may find a rewarding career in this industry. It sure would be fulfilling to know you’ve contributed your expertise to build thriving establishments and cosy residences.

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But before moving forth with the challenge, you’ll be required to attend a White Card Course in Construction. Read on to know more about it and get informed with its latest updates:

What is a Construction White Card?

A White Card serves as your official I.D. as a construction professional in Australia. Generally, this certification is recognised in all states. It’s a laminated piece of paper which says you’ve acquired a comprehensive training to practice safety in this field.

Which jobs fall within the field of Construction?

Construction work includes fit-outs, repairing, renovations and other various methods of maintenance. These also include installations, assemblies and pre-fabrications. They don’t merely include working on buildings, but also necessary set ups on landscaping areas.

With the work load required to fill the complexities of construction projects, the Australian Government deems this field as high priority when it comes to maintaining workers’ safety. Hence, clearances such as the White Card Construction are very much required before any worker commences on a project.

What are its basic modules?

With the height of online education, White Card courses may fortunately be attended via open establishments. By just signing up and paying for a set of classes, you may already acquire the entry knowledge required for construction.

Its modules include the following:

  • Related law, acts and legislations in construction
  • Identifying hazards and risks at work
  • Observing safety measures per area
  • Adapting your work space to the weather
  • Reporting accidents and incidents

You can get the White Card after completing your course from an accredited provider.

Must-know updates

Queensland’s top White Card Construction Courses are continuously updated to develop competent workers in the field. After taking your certification, it’s recommended for you to read through the latest guides released by various workers’ agencies in Australia. These sites should keep you well-informed:

Knowing the latest news on White Card lets you take the opportunity to train better and be better supported by your local council. Did you know the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network has partnered up with companies to train new workers depending on their specific niche of services? The training programs mainly include client coordination, administration basics and more.

Maintaining and renewing your White Card

Although a Construction White Card does not expire, you will be asked to refresh your skills and knowledge on workers’ safety for every two years. However, you’ll need to keep a document of the consecutive years you’ve worked for a firm. Ideally, your future or current employers will want to see you’ve constantly practiced what you learned before attending any more courses.

Unlike other professional certifications, the Construction White Card does not need to be renewed. However, it can be replaced should you happen to lose it. You may contact either your course provider or better yet, your local council to get a new copy of your certification.

Be an important part of various industries. As a construction worker, you can be every landmark’s unsung hero. Let your White Card certification be the key to your success. Sign up for a course nearby and know the basics of maintaining the safety of your worksite today.

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